Working from home – How can you check in with employees?

We have had an explosion of people working from home (WFH) We have had customers call in trying to solve many issues connected with employees WFH even if they are not signing in and out each day. The most popular question currently is what is the best way to set up an employee daily induction/check-in that can be automated and alert of issues? So we went about creating a questionnaire that can be completed online, clever enough to alert management where an employee may be struggling with the working from home environment.

Once the questionnaire is created it is simply a case of setting up some alerts based on answers selected, in this example if an employee selects the second option – No, I would like to talk about how I feel. We can create an automatic trigger to alert management when an employee indicates they would like to talk to a person about how they are feeling.




This is a simple example, you can get very creative with images and more. Need a hand to set something up for your company, book in a 15-minute call and we can assist you.

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