What is an Employee Roster?

Regardless of how small your team is, a staff roster is crucial to the running operations of your business. Without rosters, confusion would arise as staff would constantly arrive and leave whenever they please, shifts would remain uncovered and there would be no indication of how long a staff member worked.

If you use a simple paper time sheet currently we all know the times written down are not the actual times. As soon as an employee is late when using paper time sheets they will write down the start time of the shift not the actual time. If the shift starts at 8:00 and the employee arrives at 8:06 they should write down 8:06 but we all know the majority of employees given the freedom will simply write 8:00

A roster puts your business in order, but instead of using an out-dated technique such as manual time sheets, there is now a simpler and faster way to prepare a staff schedule. Staff Rosters has discovered the web based rostering solution to solve the hundreds of problems Australian businesses encounter every day.

 Online rostering is a simple and straightforward web-application

Online rostering is effective, time-saving and beneficial to all involved. All changes can be emailed, sent via SMS or sent completely free with the free employee staff rosters app available on iPhone and Android to alert staff of any last minute changes or annual leave approval, and these rosters are environmentally friendly. If you have ever had to print out a new roster after every change you make, you will understand how much you will benefit from just a click of the button to change what you have originally written, saving you paper expenses and time.

Imagine the employees having the roster delivered to their own mobile phone, syncing automatically with their calendar taking into account availability.

Staff Rosters provides a roster template for all clients to revolutionise the way your business manages their staff roster. From comparing rosters against the previous week to easily viewing daily, weekly and monthly costings, there has never been a better way to schedule your staff’s time and attendance. For more information regarding online rostering, start a 30 day trial and we will book in a training session or book in a demonstration

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