Top 5 reasons to use online time sheets

Online time sheets are the most advantageous and accurate way to collect and collate staff time and attendance data. Utilising this technological advancement could save your company thousands of dollars in inaccurate wages and time theft.

There are a number of reasons your company would benefit from employing the online time sheet system, but here are the top five reasons to use online timesheets at your workplace:

  1. Cost Effectiveness: It is a well-known fact that implementing online time sheet systems at your place of business will save your company money in the long run. This is due to the accuracy of the time and attendance records, meaning you won’t be susceptible to time theft or wage fraud by employees looking to get unearned dollars out of your business. Additionally, utilising online time and attendance records minimised the need for human manual handling, meaning less time has to be spent sifting through time sheets and collating the data thus saving your business the amount of an additional person’s wage.
  2. Accuracy: A very obvious benefit of online time sheets is the accuracy of the online platform. By getting your staff to log on and off at the beginning and end of their shifts, you’re able to see exactly when they arrived, and exactly when they left. This eliminates the option for getting a friend or colleague to clock on or off for them, as they need to access their online time sheets themselves. More accurate data can also be collected from online time sheets as the data entry is automatic, bypassing the need for human input thus reducing the room for error.
  3. Avoid human error: Following on from the accuracy of online time sheets, this method of staff time and attendance is beneficial because it avoids human error. By inputting all staff time and attendance manually, your company is subjected to human error which can throw off accuracy and cause larger scale problems in future.
  4. More simple and streamlined: By utilising online time sheets your staff will have access to a simplified and streamlined online platform to log their clock on and off times. Rather than battle the confusion of multiple pieces of paper or spread sheets, online time sheets are accessible and present all necessary information in one easy to use online space.
  5. Reliability: Using online time sheets is one of the most, if not the most reliable method of time and attendance data collection. Eliminating human error and significantly reducing the ability for time theft and wage fraud, online time sheets are the most reliable source for all staff clock and off information.

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