This week a customer asked me what program do we use to book online rostering demonstrations

While chatting with a customer this week I was asked about the process that the customer had just been through booking in an online rostering demonstration. The customer called to explain how easy he found the process of booking into demonstration.

The customer is in retail and books customers in everyday for appointments, he explained how currently the company managed appointments on an Excel spreadsheet. The appointments are made face-to-face and over the telephone.

I have shared this information with the customer and wanted to share with any other company that may have similar needs. I have found the product easy to use and we currently run different demonstration calendars for the different styles of demonstrations we complete for customers. For example we have 15,30 and 60 minute demonstrations of our rostering software. We also have a calendar now for training where customers can book in a training session from available dates six weeks into the future.

Before using this calendar system to book in our online rostering demonstrations I watched as our staff spent hours going back and forwards with customers trying to set a date by telephone and e-mail. I expect this solution has saved our company 2 to 3 hours a day. Now we simply send out the link to our online rostering calendar and the customer can see available dates and times for the next six weeks to book in a demonstration.

Now instead of spending hours every day trying to coordinate demonstrations with our customers we receive e-mails alerting us another customer has booked in another rostering demonstration. If you need an excellent low-cost appointment program you should consider this one as you do your research.

Check out the program here and start a 30 day trial

Book in a rostering demonstration here



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