The Larger your organisation the larger award interpretation error

I have been involved with award interpretation of time and attendance systems for more than 15 years. In this time I have seen some products that are not capable of completing the award interpretation correctly yet they are sold every day. I have seen these systems where the configurations is taken offshore to lower cost off shore configuration where the award configuration is completed and the people are paid less than $10 per hour while local companies are charging customers thousands of dollars. I have seen companies then come back to charge the customer more money to complete the award interpretation configuration that was never done correctly in the first place.

I have seen low-cost systems and high end systems costing tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars all fail with the award interpretation.

Don’t let this situation happen at your company.

While it is okay to outsource many functions overseas including some basic admin functions at‎ or outsource some excel spreadsheet work to it is not okay to outsource the award interpretation based on your companies EBA or award.

It is not that you could not train a person to configure awards this process is fairly straightforward once you have all the correct information at hand. The challenge is getting all of the information correct in the first place to give it to a person to complete the configuration.

Customers often ask why do we put so much time into getting the award interpretation configuration correct from the start.

A recent example where during the analysis of the awards prior to the configuration process an overpayment was discovered in the existing manual system that amounted to around two dollars per employee. The clarification of the calculation triggers ended up with company lawyers confirming the correct calculation to be used. With the changes made to the calculation this two dollar per employee error had to be calculated weekly across 500 employees, you do the sums.

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