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Now Integrated with ACTAtek employee biometric time clocks

As cloud software has taken off over the past decade for time and attendance and scheduling questions still arise on hardware, do you need hardware? If an employee has a phone app that only works on the employee phone why would you consider biometric fingerprint readers for employees to sign in and out?

Put simply it is a choice, along with going biometric comes an additional cost, if you have 20 locations with 600 employees you can either have employees sign in and out with their own mobile phone (no cost to you) on an iPad set up in kiosk mode (additional cost) or a biometric fingerprint reader for employee time and attendance.


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What software can I connect to a Handpunch employee time clock

I get asked this question several times every year, either the customer has just purchased a company or building that had an existing Handpunch employee time clock or they just purchased a Handpunch employee time clock.

Last year I received a call from one company who had just purchased 14 hand punch employee time clock’s from an auction. Each time the question is the same asking if we can assist with software that will work with the hand punch hardware. Over the past 10 years I have assisted many companies with hand punch employee time clock’s across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji (Bula to all my Fiji friends)  over the past 3 to 4 years technology is changing and hand punch employee time clock’s are quickly becoming ancient hardware for employee time collection.

While we have software that works with hand punch employee time clock’s the hardware is becoming dated and today there are better options. One of the biggest issues with hand punch employee time clock’s is there is only one supplier in the world, this item is one of many tens of thousands in the company’s product line catalogue. The company’s focus is just not on employee time and attendance.

Why do people choose hand punch employee time clock’s? The main reason that companies choose hand punch employee time clock’s is to stop time theft by stopping employees from clocking in and out each other. One of the more popular methods over the past 10 years has been biometric or fingerprint technology. We have provided thousands of employee time clock’s over the past 10 years and understand the many issues associated with the implementation of employee time clock’s, connection to the network, IP address, the list goes on. If you have an IT person in your business many of these issues are not issues at all. If you do not have an IT person in your business today I would recommend not getting hardware employee time clock’s ( I did not think I would ever say that)

So back to the original question what software can I connect to a hand punch employee time clock, this week I told another customer that while we can provide software to work with the hand punch employee time clock I recommend that before they purchase any software you should book in for a 30 minute demonstration of our most popular time and attendance software that includes rostering.

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