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I cant beleive my hairdresser with 28 salons is using manual time sheets

Posted on: January 31, 2014 | Categories: rostering scheduling StaffRosters Blog

Last week was the last week before school goes back, Jacob my youngest who is 9 had his hair looking like Jeff Thompson one of our famous cricketers. Thommo was well known in his day for his shaggy hair. I was also due for a trim so off we went to our local hairdresser.

My hair is significantly shorter than Jacob’s so the young apprentice who cut my hair cleaned up while I sat down and waited for Jacob. We were the only people in the salon at the time getting our hair cut. The salon had 6 workers at the time, it looked like one apprentice, a manager and the remaining four could have been fully qualified hairdressers.

While waiting for Jacob I observed the apprentice grab a piece of paper and started walking over to the 4 girls in the back corner having a chat waiting for the next customer. I learned later the piece of paper was a weekly time sheet for the salon. It looked like they were filling in for the final day of the pay week as the sheet already had information.

About this time I decided to go to the post office as I had some mail to do, I have been using the same local post office for more than 10 years. I lined up at the post office as it is always very busy. Yong who runs the post office is as efficient entrepreneur as you will ever see. He has an incredible memory and always spends time with his regular customers letting them know he cares they frequent his shop often.

I was called over to Yong to complete my mail and as quick as I was being served by Yong another customer to my right was being served by Chris. Chris has worked for Yong for as long as I can remember, when Chris does not work Yong’s wife comes in to work. When I took a closer look the person to my right was the apprentice  hairdresser who had just cut my hair. I noticed she was handing over a weekly time sheet to be faxed. I assumed at this point it was going to a head office to be processed for payroll.

I asked Yong while being served how much does it cost to fax 1 page and he replied $2.00 or $2.50 I could not quite hear at the time.  I went back to the hairdressers to get Jacob and they were still finishing his hair, getting it just right so he was happy with the length he kept and mum would be happy with the length that he goes back to school with to start year 4.

I had a couple of minutes so opened my iPad and googled the name of the hairdressing salon, I found the company website quickly which was very modern, then I read on the front page of the salons website the company has 28 salons now. I did not know the small salon in my local shopping center was part of a 28 store company.

This got me thinking of course about the time sheet. I have been involved in employee time and attendance for more than 15 years, we have provided solutions over the years to many types of businesses, some that you would not even think would need to have employees clocking in and out. If my hairdresser has 28 locations and each location has on average over a month 10 employees and managers per week we are now talking about 280 employees and 28 time sheets, one for each store.

Where ever the time sheet got faxed to, back to head office where administration is completed we will assume, I am sure a payroll person will be sitting in their office ready to process these 28 time sheets manually every week.

What is wrong with this story I ask myself….

  • Employees filling out manual time sheets can easily put down incorrect times
  • Managers who want to be friends with employees can easily approve employees coming in late by changing a start time of 9:15 back to 9:00am
  • Managers at each store will be manually managing rosters for the staff week in week out
  • Head office has no visibility, Head office can only wait for time sheets to be faxed through to see what is happening out in the stores.
  • 28 stores sending 28 faxes is costing at least 56 dollars every week.

What if you could implement an electronic rostering solution across all 28 stores?
What if the cost of the faxing alone equaled 20% of the cost of an electronic system?

  • Employees could only clock in and out electronically, no more manual time sheet changes
  • Managers can roster staff electronically, workers could easily be shared across multiple locations without the need for multiple phone calls
  • Head office could have live and instant visibility on employees arriving at every one of the 28 locations from their computer or mobile phone
  • Payroll could receive electronic data that can flow directly into payroll

Would you stay with a manual time sheet system today or consider these advantages in your business?

Read more about how you can make your payroll more efficient and reduce costs or book in a demonstration



Clever rostering with SMS and email communication with employees

Posted on: January 19, 2014 | Categories: rostering scheduling StaffRosters Blog

Rostering programs with SMS capability mostly consists of create the roster and publish all the rosters out to employees via SMS. This is where most rostering programs stop today, very clever programs will allow the employee or contractor to reply back and accept the shift via SMS or e-mail giving visibility to the person rostering who is accepting and not accepting shifts.

With live visibility of employees accepting and not accepting scheduled shifts sent out by email or SMS operators can see how quickly shifts are being filled, but what happens when an employee or contractor changes their mind after accepting a shift, how does this get communicated back to the company scheduler. What is required in this situation is the ability for the employee or contractor to change their mind and communicate this change of mind back to the database.

The cleverest of rostering systems today now include apps that can be downloaded to employees smart phone. Employees from their own smart phone can view their roster, see approved time sheets, apply for time off or leave.


The best rostering apps now include management tools for managers in the palm of your hand. Anyone who rosters will know how much work is involved when staff call in sick and you must replace them to ensure the production line continues or to keep the patrons at the hotel happy with short lines when ordering drinks. I had my turn at rostering when working for Weston Bakes Foods many years ago, we always needed an exact amount of people to get all the orders out each morning, we were dealing with fresh cakes that just had to go out on the day they were made to preserve shelf life.

I would have 1 or 2 every night not show up out of a group of about 40 employees, some nights I would be out on the factory floor, get the message of a person calling in sick, then going back to my office to start calling phone numbers of casuals to find a replacement, this could take 5 minutes it could take 35 minutes.

Move forward to today, technology has changed, back then iPhones did not even exist. Today a manager can have all the employee information including schedules in the palm of their hand, you can get the message anywhere that a staff member needs replacing and from your smart phone in minutes you can organise the replacement and then get on with your work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if when an employee or contractor changed their mind after accepting a shift that they could communicate this electronically back to the dataset and in turn the dataset automatically went through the next best available employee or contractor with the correct criteria to fill the vacant shifts, sending out a fresh e-mail or SMS to the next best available employee or contractor…….. wouldn’t this save you some time

The future has all sorts of nice tools coming our way, if you are rostering from a spreadsheet, you should look at this. Rostering for the future

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