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How to Organise Your Staff with Online Staff Rosters

An organised and calculated roster is one of the most important things for any business to run effectively, no matter how big or small. Whether your staff are casual, part-time or full-time employed, they will appreciate a rostering system where they can monitor their shifts, see start times, advise of availability and more right from their mobile phone. Staff Rosters can provide a simple solution when it comes to organising your staff with online rostering. Easy to use and extremely effective, your business will run smoother with rosters that are easily accessible to all.

Accessible and versatile roster template now available on PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android

Online rostering has superseded the manual rostering system, due to its accessibility and flexibility of use. Instead of manually writing up rosters and having to continuously correct changes made by requests from staff with spreadsheets that become very complex and constantly out of date, you can take advantage of this easy to use roster template online. In one easy to use system, you can manage your staff availability and annual leave requests, forecast and optimise weekly wages and communicate rosters easily and effectively with all staff with online rostering. Simply by making the roster accessible to every person in your business to check at any time, your staff will never arrive late or not at all, making your business more productive.

Employees love the free app allowing the roster to go directly into their smart phone calendar.

Put in your staff’s hours, pay rates and availabilities and let Staff Roster’s rosters calculate everything else for you.  This online rostering software will ensure your business will run more smoothly and reduce the problems associated with manual rosters.

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