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Touchless visibility of Data has never been more important

As the world continues to change and move around Covid-19 touchless is the new keyword with people contact. Deputy has it all

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Get all the information you need when scheduling employees


Allow employees to receive video communication through their personal employee app with touchless communication.


Touchless sign in and out creating timesheets for payroll

Hands-free Clock In

  • Provide quick, touch-free timekeeping
  • Get up and running quickly with a verified onsite clock-in on your existing
    devices. By using Deputy’s contactless clock in for Kiosk you can ensure a
    fast, hygienic, touch-free clock in. Spend more time helping your patients
    and less time worrying about clocking in.
  • Limit contact exposure between employees during
    clock-in procedure and contamination of devices
  • Fast and simple clock-in process for employees


Everything you need in 1 single solution for employee scheduling



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How can you sign in 160 employees in less than 5 seconds?

I went to see a company today that had several locations, 2 of the largest with 160 odd employees in each. One of the issues with so many employees and only one or 2 employee time clocks was the speed with which all the employees could sign out at the end of the day. I remember seeing this first hand in a mattress factory for AH Beard maybe 20 years ago now, they no longer make the mattresses in the factory as they are all imported. What happens when employees arrive at work is that that most of the employees arrive between the 30 minutes prior to the actual starting time. So if you had 80 employees arrive between 6:00 am and 6:30 am for a 6:30 start you would get several employees every 30 seconds or so with a bit of a rush in the last few minutes. Some people arrive early and some people arrive just on time or late.

So what happens at the end of a day?

Once the siren goes off to signal end of the day 80 people work immediately to the employee time clock to sign out, when I saw this at AH Beard more than 15 years ago it created an instant line of employees waiting to sign out and the line could take 5-10 minutes for all employees to sign out.

What if you could get rid of your employee lines at the end of the day in less than 5 seconds?

Back 15 years ago iPhone’s and iPad’d did not exist, it does not matter today if you are signing out 80 employees, 150 employees or 500 employees, you can sign them all out in less than 5 seconds by signing in and out your presence on site with a mobile phone….Do you want to reduce your employee lines to sign out at the end of the day?

Do you want to get your staff out of the factory fast at the end of the day?

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This is the coolest rostering update ever!! Deputy now works on your Apple watch

apple watch

Deputy is out of the blocks faster than any rostering company on the planet. The Deputy app is now available on your Apple watch. Apple say there are around 2 million orders for the Apple watch initially not as popular as iPhone but Apple do not get measured by how many Apple watchers are sold. The iPhone is still the number 1 hardware for Apple. Approximately 300,000 watchers are coming to Australia no doubt there will be some Deputy  rostering users amongst them.

Unlike most electronic devices you can’t just walk into an Apple Store and buy a watch and take it home with you to start playing, you  have to go into the Apple store to get fitted and then the watch is ordered online and delivered to your door.

What are some of the things you can do on your Apple watch with Deputy?

apple watch 1                                                                 apple watch 2

A snapshot of the content you check most often,                                         View and manage your entire team, start
see how many people are at work or running late.                                       and end employees shifts and record breaks easily.


apple watch 3                                                                   apple watch 4

Simply tap Replace to instantly notify recommended                                 The easiest way to start and end your
staff there is an open shift.                                                                                 shifts, record breaks and receive confirmation


Deputy has never been easier to use, is more popular than any other rostering system on the planet and is the most advanced solution for companies today designed to make managing your workforce simple.

Put the management of your business, employees and schedules into the hands of your staff allowing you to get on with the job of building your business.

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While we prefer employees to sign in with a smart device you can still sign in and out at a PC

While we prefer employees to sign in with a smart device you can still sign in and out at a PC. Some advantages of employees signing in and out through smart devices for time and attendance include…

How can employees sign in?

iPhone or Android – when employees sign in and out you can capture the GPS position of the employee and place a pin on a map on the employee time sheet.
iPad – when utilising an iPad as a kiosk for groups of employees to sign in and out you can turn on a feature to take a photo of each employee when they sign in and out with the photo going onto the employee time sheet.

As companies become larger in the number of locations the cost of any time and attendance system increases significantly when trying to implement hardware.

With 50 locations hardware costs can vary from $50,000 to $100,000 for biometric hardware including installation and cabling
With 50 locations hardware costs can vary from $25,000 to $50,000 for most other hardware choices like pin number and proximity including installation and cabling

You can completely remove the cost of hardware and give more functionality than a biometric time clock improving company efficiency simply by allowing employees to sign in and out via a PC.

Managers can manage employees, approve leave, build and adjust schedules and much more. Employees can sign in and out, apply for leave, advise future unavailability and more

Watch a very short video on how an employee can sign in at a PC completing removing the costs of hardware.

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What will be the most used employee time clock over the next 10 years

Posted on: February 15, 2014 | Categories: cloud rostering Online Time Sheets rostering StaffRosters Blog

Employee time clocks have been around for many decades, today I will explore not only the most common employee time clocks used today and over the past few decades but I will also cover the single most used employee time clock that you may not even know about today that will be the most used employee time clock over the next 10 years

Most people today are more interested in today’s products and not products that may be dated and possibly been around for more than 20 years like bundy clocks with bundy cards. Today I will start the list in reverse order starting with the what will become the most used employee time clock over the next 10 years globally, and it is happening right now every day.

Number 1 most used solution for employee time and attendance over the next 10 years will be…..
Smart Phones including iPhone and Android, Tablets and iPads. These types of items will be the most used items for employees to clock in and out over the next decade. Smart phones are so prolific now that it has never been easier for employees to clock in and out from their own mobile phone. Supervisors and Managers can also see company specific information, replace staff and manage rosters all from their own mobile phone. You can create your own time sheet, set up time sheet approval and more.


While writing this blog I hear advertising from our largest national electronics retailer promoting spend $500 in store and get a free Tablet, it is no wonder they are so prolific with promotions like these. Read More

Number 2 most used solution for employee time and attendance over the next 10 years will be…..
Simple electronic employee time clocks. Over the past decade hundreds of types of electronic employee time clocks have been released, some are still around and many have come and gone. This electronic employee time clock is our favourite as a stand alone employee time clock. This time clock also integrates directly with the fasted growing rostering program on the planet. We have provided thousands of employee time clocks over the years and every day see the decline while smart phones and tablets with iPads are increasing exponentially. Read More


Number 3 most used solution for employee time and attendance over the next 10 years will be…..
Portable employee time clocks designed for the most remote conditions, no power, only generators. No internet, no network and no computers. What type of device can you use when you have no power and no internet.


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