Rostering should be this easy

We get asked a lot about rostering and scheduling, in the southern hemisphere we call it rostering, in the northern hemisphere it is called scheduling. Effectively customers are talking about allocating staff into sections or departments within the business for set periods of time that can often change from one day to the next.

The most common places for rostering or scheduling software is within companies that have high casual workforces, the retail industry and the hospitality industry for example.

Other types of companies that can gain huge benefit by moving to a rostering or scheduling solution include labour hire style companies where hundreds and thousands of employees are being allocated every day with many going to different locations throughout a single week.

Managing rostering and scheduling in a manual way can take hours…..lets look at some of the benefits you can gain by considering a rostering or scheduling solution.

Unlimited schedulers
You can have as many people in your business making schedules. Schedulers can

  • Copy this weeks schedule for next week for faster scheduling
  • Be alerted instantly to any employee on leave or with requested time off who needs to be replaced when scheduling
  • Auto ask multiple people to fill a shift (stop sitting on the phone wasting time and money dialing phone numbers asking people if they can work)
  • First person with correct skills to fill position gets position
  • See live who is late on shift (customers love this feature)
  • Communicate with employees with private or group message to location, business unit or the entire workforce
  • Assign tasks to employees or group of employees or roles of employees to be completed with all tasks time and date stamped

Free app for every employee
Every employee can use the free smart phone app, the app will allow the employees to do any of the following

  • Receive push messages from head office
  • Receive current schedules via SMS and/or email
  • Sync schedules to smart phone calendar
  • Apply for leave
  • Advise future availability to help schedulers
  • Start and stop shifts with Geo Locate GPS positioning

Employee does not have a smart phone, no problem they can clock in and out via a web browser, manager or supervisor.

On larger locations you can easily set up an iPad to create a touch screen kiosk to allow employees to clock in and out each day, as employees clock in and out of the iPad you can set up to take a photograph of each employee that is assigned to the employee time sheet for time sheet approval.

Time sheet approval

Unlimited number of time sheet approval people, unlimited locations for approving time sheets, time sheet approval also gives you the options to

  • Record journals against employee when approving time sheet for future reference
  • Approve time sheets by supervisors, managers even your customers if you want them to approve time sheets
  • Auto approve time sheets within definitive set of rules for faster processing only dealing with time sheets that fall outside the pre set rules

Payroll processing

Integrate directly with some payroll systems like Xero, create file export for any other payroll system for import to remove manual data entry.

We also have on hand a spreadsheet guru who can complete work by taking an export file and applying further mathematical equations to enhance the export file for your payroll system giving complete flexibility on export files.


Dissect the data collect as many ways as you want, get the most common and most popular reports including Actual V Scheduled comparing what people actually worked against what was scheduled.

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