Rostering made easy – Sharing open shifts for your staff to fill

Rostering has come a long way, the days of spreadsheets and pen and paper should be long gone. Today you can now communicate with your staff electronically giving your employees the power to communicate back electronically saving you the business owner or manager or supervisor hours every week.

What is an open shift?

An open shift allows a manager to offer the shift to any available and appropriately trained employee who works in the location. Creating an open shift will send an invitation via email or SMS to all recommended staff members, offering them the shift. The first employee to accept their invitation will be rostered to the shift, and any attempt by another staff member to accept a shift will be denied. This can be advantageous for a manager looking to rapidly fill a number of shifts, or to fill a particular shift as quickly as possible if an employee calls in sick with no warning.

Introducing Open Shifts/Schedules

Open shifts or schedules allow you the supervisor, manager or business owner to create schedules with start and finish times leaving it up to employees to grab the available schedules. No more chasing people to fill positions.

Once you create the open schedule any employee or casual or contractor that is suitably qualified to take the open shift can claim the shift right from their own smart phone. Perfect for businesses that use a lot of casuals, uni students and the like. Simply create the shifts you want employees to fill and they will be filled.

open shifts

Employees simply claim the open shifts they want that they are qualified to take as soon as the email arrives

Email open shift alert

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