Rostering made easy – employees electronically confirming scheduling availability

Not that long ago we called employees to confirm a shift or roster or schedule. We would pick up the phone and make the calls. With 100 people in your business often this would mean calling as many as 10 to 16 people to fill changes. Come forward to today and after you publish your shift employees can now confirm that they can take the shift or that they are unavailable.

Even before you publish your shift employees can advise electronically availability giving you the power to only select available staff without even thinking about it. Many companies create the roster or the schedule post onto website, spreadsheet or print and put on the wall. What is missing from this process is the confirmation from the employee that they can do all the shifts you have allocated in the schedule.

Giving employees the ability to confirm they can work the shifts allocated in the schedule give you 100% visibility on what is happening with your staff across the entire operation no matter how many locations you have to manage.

As soon as an employee indicates electronically they cannot do one or more of the shifts allocated you can make these shifts open for the keenest employees to pick up some more hours. I wrote recently about open shifts.

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