Need easy to use rostering with powerful employee communication?

Rostering systems over the past 3-4 years have really evolved with access to the internet now in the hands of nearly every working employee. Smart phone sales have rocketed over the past 7 years around the world.

Inline with smart phone sales has been the massive growth of apps. You can find an app for just about anything you can think of. The cleverest of apps for employee scheduling includes the ability not only for the employee to start and stop a shift. Employee scheduling apps have come a long way now giving the ability to put the employee roster directly onto the employee phone weeks in advance. Employees can now sync their smart device calendar to receive their schedule automatically populating the employee calendar with the shifts they need to work over the coming period.


This type of clever technology would have really helped Starbucks recently where it became clear over 130,000 employees were mostly kept in the dark about upcoming schedules. Starbucks have this week made an announcement that they will post the employee schedule at least one week in advance…….wow would you be happy with this, so for ever Starbucks have been making it very difficult for employees to know what they are doing next week.

With the busy lives we all lead today, millions of casual workers who in many cases may have more than 1 casual job need visibility about the workload they have. Being casual is tough, you don’t even know if you are working tomorrow sometimes and in many cases have no idea if you are working next week.

Don’t let your company become main news across websites around the world.

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