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Kiosks to hold your Deputy iPad

While many customers do not use kiosks at all when using Deputy because they use the super sexy mobile phone app to manage schedules, tasks and more some customers still need to set up an iPad for Deputy.

Need a kiosk for your location to support your iPad or android device safely and securely?

Looking for something you can stick to the wall?

Some customers are looking for something with a bit of a curve….

Some customers need the whole box and dice!!

No matter which kiosk you choose you still get all of the features of Deputy including facial recognition, shift swap, and more.

Need a kiosk? Call 1300 206 543 we are here to assist.

Deputy – Create your own payroll export

Posted on: May 26, 2022 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

I have worked in this industry for many decades, I remember the days when it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to create a payroll export for payroll.

I am surprised to still see payroll exports costing many thousands of dollars still today.

Deputy has solved this problem, in fact, the cost of your payroll export alone could pay for Deputy for 1 or 2 years. The issue is not exporting to Xero or QuickBooks or MYOB, all of these integrations are already built into Deputy.

The issue is for customers, particularly in manufacturing that are not using common payroll systems like Xero or QuickBooks, or MYOB. The issue is for customers that need to have a specially built payroll export to match the not off-the-shelf payroll product.

Deputy has solved this issue – click to watch and see how easy this is to set up your own payroll export.

Need to talk to a 30-year industry export to assist you to get the best information Book a 5-minute call

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