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multiple ways rostering software can help you right now!

Posted on: June 29, 2020 | Categories: Desk Booking Modern Awards StaffRosters Blog Working from home

Globally work-life balance has disappeared where now many people are very worried about if they will be working next week or if next week they will find a job.

We all need to get more clever with what we have, here are a couple of ways your rostering software can help you. I have also included 2 awesome tips below on GMail, we use business google mail and I have found 2 huge time-savers giving me more time to do other things, every google mail user will benefit from these 2 awesome tips.

Rostering software does so much, let’s recap a few favorites over the past 6 months

Use your rostering software to make a desk booking process in your business with current building limitations due to COVID – Read more – COVID assistance
ll employees on modern awards must now sign in and out so hours worked can be compared to award wages – Read more
ouchless Sign in and sign out – COVID safe – Read more
orking from home – There is still a lot of us working from home globally – Read more


Google mail tip 1 – This has saved me hours every week
Snippets – set up and create snippets of information that you send multiple times every week – watch a 30-second video and set up

Google mail tip 2 – Tabs
Tabs have saved me some time, not as much as snippets but every click and every second count’s today – watch a 30-second video and set up

How can I schedule employees into my building? Low cost employee desk booking

Posted on: June 25, 2020 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

Nearly every company is now faced with scheduling staff into buildings. Desk tracking software can be expensive, Deputy can be a low cost scheduling tool for your office and it is so simple to set up.

Simply create an open space for every desk that is available and let employees book the desk as required. If an employee changes their mind they can release the desk or share the desk with another person.

Start a trial and book in a 15-minute call to set up your desk booking system. Go LIVE Today


Let employee book office desk

Start a trial and book in a 15-minute call to set up your desk booking system. Go LIVE Today

Employees can book a desk into the future from their mobile phone

  • See availability into the future
  • Book on your mobile phone
  • Swap desks with a mate when needed

book desk from mobile phone







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