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George Calombaris rips $7.8 Million from his employees

Posted on: July 19, 2019 | Categories: award interpretation rostering scheduling Time & Attendance

George Calombaris has been caught out with poor systems. While his OCD applied nicely for preparing food that skill did not transfer to admin. Poor systems for employee timekeeping and payroll has led to this situation where George has shortchanged staff $7.8 million dollars. Did he do this knowingly?

How could George have avoided this situation?

The answer is simple, with a timekeeping system designed to stop these issues from occurring, with built-in awards it is not possible to short pay employees. Don’t get caught out in your restaurant, if your using timesheets or spreadsheets it is time to put an electronic system in place.

  • Schedule employees easily from your PC or mobile phone
  • Awards built-in
  • Remove manual data entry integrate with payroll including Xero, Quicken, MYOB and many more

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I believe George has now paid all the money back, copped a fine and also needs to offer his time to complete some adds.

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