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Rostering to your company stress levels

Posted on: June 22, 2014 | Categories: cloud rostering rostering scheduling

We get asked a lot when talking to customers who have quite detailed and complex spreadsheets what will happen when we go to an electronic rostering system with our stress profiles. Many of you may in fact have stress profiles that you manage in your business but you may call them something else.

A classic example of a stress profile for rostering is a casual who can only work 20 hours each week maximum. To manage this 20 hour work limitation on your casuals you need to have your spreadsheets set up ready to warn you when you are about to go over the stress level set. Often with spreadsheets you only find out about a person working to many hours after you have entered the data into your rostering spreadsheet.

Rostering casuals, university students etc will always have its challengers. Examples of stress levels could include….

  • Working no more than 20 hours
  • Working no more than 3 days
  • Working no more than 8 hours each day
  • Working no more than 38 hours in a 7 day period.

Moving to a cloud rostering solution gives you the ability to be warned as you build out your roster. Getting a notification while you build your roster that a person is about to exceed a stress level can save you hundreds of dollars per individual shift. While building out your schedule for next week as soon as you get a warning that an individual employee is about to exceed a stress level you can quickly find another employee who when placed on the roster will not exceed the stress levels set keeping costs at a minimum not a maximum.

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