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Rostering promises made but never delivered – Don’t let this happen to you

Posted on: January 7, 2014 | Categories: rostering StaffRosters Blog

At the end of last year I did not get a chance to write about an experience a recent customer shared with me after going live with our solution.

Prior to selecting Time & People as the preferred rostering supplier Applied & Decorative Painting had committed to another product including paying almost $1,000 to get the system up and running.

The issues Applied & Decorative Painting encountered after sign up with an incomplete solution included…

  • iPhone app promised at signup but not delivered
  • Integration with Xero promised but not completed
  • Could not roster staff into 2 jobs in one week

How can you possibly roster staff if you cannot roster an employee to do 2 jobs or actions in the same week, you should be able to include multiple jobs or departments in the same day!

Don’t let these issues become your issues, after several months of further promises Applied & Decorative Painting contacted Time & People, signed up for staff rosters and immediately removed all of the issues with the previous supplier.

Even today you will find many products not completed, partially completed or completed with many issues. Tell us about your existing issues today.

Book in a demonstration  and we will show you our iPhone app in action with an online live demonstration, you will also see further information about payroll integration from your rostering solution including Xero Payroll.


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