Should I choose a cloud Rostering or Time & Attendance solution?

As cloud software has burst onto the scene over the past couple of years we have seen some spectacular products and we have seen some dismal failures. I am not going to name products here, I will more talk about what to look for when selecting your cloud rostering or time and attendance solution.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud rostering and cloud time and attendance?

The 2 biggest advantages of going to cloud really do outweigh the disadvantage

No hardware/software infrastructure required – you can go completely without any hardware and have no software installed on your computers in the business, this for me is the largest advantage for small business as you need no IT expertise to get your system up and running. Some of the excellent cloud based rostering solutions will allow you to start setting up your account as soon as you sign up for a 30 day trail, within a couple of hours your account can be set up and you will be rostering for next week from your computer, iPad, Tablet or mobile phone, it really does not get any easier.

Communication – When you move to a cloud rostering or cloud time and attendance solution one of the biggest advantages you get is better communication, with nearly every person carrying a smart phone today you can push information to your employees and they can communicate back through the same channel on the smart phone or a computer. I have seen some of the employee time clocks over the years come out with all sorts of features that allow employees when they clock in at the time clock to look up information like how many hours they have worked, what time they clocked in and out over the past seven days and more. These features while sounding clever only congest the employee time clock at a time when people just want to clock in and out.

The only way today to share information with employees is give them an app they can load onto their smartphone giving the employee their own personal self serve kiosk experience that they can access anywhere and anytime.

When thinking about disadvantages there are not many, having the ability to manage your system where ever you are by phone, iPad, Tablet or computer works well for most in the busy life we all lead every day.

Some systems could drop out when no internet is available and this would be the biggest disadvantage of the day, when was the last time you lost internet on your mobile phone? Smart apps will hold data when the internet is not available automatically pushing the information to and from the smart phone as soon as the internet connects again.

I was just reading an article this morning about Goolgle working on replacing computer screens altogether in the coming years with voice activation and instructions moving to a new phase of ease of use. In the coming years you will not even have to manually build your rosters or write emails to communicate with employees, you will simply be able to say what you want and google will look after the rest……the technology has been around for decades but the changes coming in the near future will simply blow you mind.

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