Powerful Scheduling

Create rosters quickly and efficiently with a powerful range of smart recommendations that take into account training, leave, availability, stress levels and hours worked within the day or pay period.

Allow staff and management to schedule from any PC, iPad or tablet, giving staff total flexibility with the employee schedules and instant communication with employees.

See in real time who is on shift & expected to show. Use the shortcuts to quickly find a replacement if required.

  • Intelligent employee selection based on predetermined rules
  • Training, leave, stress levels & hours worked can be all considered when recommending the best person for the job
  • Keep labour costs down with the right person at the right place at the right time
  • Share employees with other departments, locations
  • Keep employees up to date with schedules as changes take place with email and SMS
  • Authorised staff can approve timesheets

If you have just one or hundreds of locations or departments, staff rosters can better help you manage your shifts and employees.

timesheet approval

Time sheets & Time sheet approval

Geo-locate Timesheets

Businesses want to know when their staff arrive at and leave work. Employees want to log their hours so they get paid. Best of all, with the geo-locate feature, time theft is a thing of the past. The business of time sheet management and paying staff has never been faster.

Time Management Made Easy

Gone are the days of using time sheet templates, or trying to decipher messy hand writing. Your workforce has the best-of-breed technology, allowing them to enter their timesheets by using the app on their mobile device.

Empowering employees to check in and check out removes any need for hardware in your business which in turn brings hardware costs, perfect when you have less than 20 staff on a single location or 20 staff on multiple locations..

timesheet approval


Availability & Leave Management

Staff rosters allows you to quickly see which of your employees are currently on leave, only see the employees you are responsible for.

Employees can apply for leave in advance with the mobile phone app and also advise availability into the future assisting you when scheduling by making staff on leave and those who have requested days off “not recommended” at the time of creating the roster.


Staff check in and check out by mobile phone – Who has not got a mobile phone today!

Employees can log in and out through the mobile phone they own, no hardware no stress. Once the app is downloaded employees will clock in and out within minutes with each clocking Geo Located against the location of the employee.

Employees can……

  • Check in and Check out
  • See upcoming shifts
  • See assigned tasks
  • Apply for leave or time off in advance

Supervisors, Managers or owners can……

  • Check in and check out
  • See upcoming shifts
  • See assigned tasks
  • Apply for leave or time off in advance
  • See who rostered
  • See who is on shift
  • See who is late (live and as it happens)
  • Set tasks for employees


  • Communicate electronically with your team no matter how far they are away. Quickly create your own task or assign one to a team member.
  • Set dates for your tasks so everyone knows what to expect and you can keep on top of what needs to be done in the notifications panel.
  • No matter how many locations or departments you have in your business, install a kiosk everywhere you need to collect employee data centralising dozens or hundreds of locations.
  • Employees simply bump in and bump out
  • Employees and staff can advise upcoming availability immediately connecting vital information into the company schedule
  • Share messages with employee and staff locally or across all your locations.


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