Complexities of 24 hour shift rosters

Last week I was asked to complete a 6 week rotating roster, as we gathered the details from the customer it is interesting to see how different customers require different structures.

Based on the requirements the first thing we did was build a spreadsheet applying the maths behind each of the requirements ensuring the rules were being met.

This was for a 24 hour operation where each employee worked 12 hour shifts. Some of the criteria that had to be met included….

Maximum 228 hours to be worked in the 6 week cycle
After 2 consecutive night shifts the employee required a minimum 24 hour break.
The customer also asked if we could maximise the time off for the employees as they all enjoyed working multiple days in a row before receiving multiple days off in a row.
We had to build for 4 crews and 5 crews with the balance of hours in each scenario picked up by the casuals at each location.
Further complicating the roster was casuals could work across multiple locations as some of the locations were within 20klms of another location allowing casuals to get extra shifts.
The 6 week roster gives employees the opportunity to easily plan ahead.

Rosters will vary from 7 days the most common to 3 week rosters and 4 week rosters, a 6 week roster in this example and we have even seen 15 week rosters and 32 week rosters for some companies based on the rostering requirements.

Let us know if you would like us to assist you build your complicated roster, send us your excel spreadsheet roster and we will show you how to automate rostering going forward saving you significant hours each week.

Just a couple of weeks back I was chatting with a customer who was telling me how he spent 15 hours a week rostering, the majority of this time was on the phone booking in staff, making changes to the existing roster with late changes etc. After watching a short 30 minute demonstration he already evaluated the time saving of 12 to 14 hours a week moving to a structured rostering program over his existing spreadsheet.

Another customer explained how they post the roster on their server and each employee logs into the server when the want to see the roster, problem with this type of rostering is as soon as you log out you are not notified of future changes until you log back in again, imagine having your roster in your hands on your smart phone and directly integrated with your smart phone calender.

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