Scheduling staff – Biggest issue companies experience with scheduling resolved

Imagine having the ability to build your schedule, notify your staff automatically of their scheduled times for the upcoming week and any shift not picked up by an employee and confirmed could automatically become an open shift for the next suitable qualified employee to fill.

This functionality has been a long time coming and only available to companies prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars on sophisticated complex scheduling systems.

You can now have access to this functionality in your business saving your schedule is hours and hours each week confirming who is going to be able to fill your shifts so that the work gets done


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Put managing Rosters or schedules into the hands of your management team

Rostering has never been simpler. Today if you have not got access to your information on a mobile manner then you are using the wrong system.

Mobile access for managers and employees

Deputy’s mobile apps let you see what’s going on at your workplace even when you can’t be there in person. For you, it’s the power to manage your business wherever you are. For your employees, it’s everything they need to stay organised.
Available now for iPhone and Android.

Phone image largeapple watch 2Now with Apple Watch

Managers get everything they need…..employees can do everything they need on or off site.


Schedule Clock Approve


Managers – no matter where you are so long as you have your mobile phone you will have access to everything you need when rostering and managing your staff.

  • view who is on shift
  • view who is running late for shift
  • replace late staff
  • see who is on leave
  • approve  or decline leave
  • improve communication – send general information to all staff


  • sign in and sign out
  • apply for leave
  • view your roster
  • advise availability in advance

News Release June 10 2015 from the Deputy development team – Deputy just got better

After six months, 200,000 lines of new code and three months of testing the new version of Deputy is finally here! We have been working day and night to bring this to you, and we’re super excited to launch it June 10 2015.

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No Apps? No problem. Deputy also works on your smartphone’s web browser. Just tap in on your device and you’ll automatically see the mobile version of Deputy.

This is the coolest rostering update ever!! Deputy now works on your Apple watch

apple watch

Deputy is out of the blocks faster than any rostering company on the planet. The Deputy app is now available on your Apple watch. Apple say there are around 2 million orders for the Apple watch initially not as popular as iPhone but Apple do not get measured by how many Apple watchers are sold. The iPhone is still the number 1 hardware for Apple. Approximately 300,000 watchers are coming to Australia no doubt there will be some Deputy  rostering users amongst them.

Unlike most electronic devices you can’t just walk into an Apple Store and buy a watch and take it home with you to start playing, you  have to go into the Apple store to get fitted and then the watch is ordered online and delivered to your door.

What are some of the things you can do on your Apple watch with Deputy?

apple watch 1                                                                 apple watch 2

A snapshot of the content you check most often,                                         View and manage your entire team, start
see how many people are at work or running late.                                       and end employees shifts and record breaks easily.


apple watch 3                                                                   apple watch 4

Simply tap Replace to instantly notify recommended                                 The easiest way to start and end your
staff there is an open shift.                                                                                 shifts, record breaks and receive confirmation


Deputy has never been easier to use, is more popular than any other rostering system on the planet and is the most advanced solution for companies today designed to make managing your workforce simple.

Put the management of your business, employees and schedules into the hands of your staff allowing you to get on with the job of building your business.

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The features just keep coming – Now you can schedule directly from your mobile phone

The development team at Deputy have really outdone themselves this time. As if the Deputy platform was not already good enough the developers have now taken the product into the stratosphere.

It is no surprise hundreds of customers are signing up every week to start using the Deputy rostering system. You can now manage your entire operation from your mobile phone. Plenty of people said this could not be done, but it is here and it is here now. If you are an existing customer simply update your app. If you’ve heard about Deputy but you’ve not yet started to use Deputy start a 30 day trial here.

With these recent changes you can not only roster from your mobile phone you can also approve time sheets no longer needing to be tied down to a PC in the office.

Some of the recent improvements this release include:

  • Full employee scheduling
  • See rosters for today or any day in future
  • See past timesheets
  • Copy shifts from day to day
  • Publish weekly shifts
  • Change shifts
  • Add open shifts
  • Delete shifts
  • Approve timesheets
  • Bulk approve
  • Discard timesheet
  • See weather of the day
  • Notification swipe will take you straight to the item
  • Fully responsive design for iPad and iPhone 6 plus.

New app

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The Larger your organisation the larger award interpretation error

I have been involved with award interpretation of time and attendance systems for more than 15 years. In this time I have seen some products that are not capable of completing the award interpretation correctly yet they are sold every day. I have seen these systems where the configurations is taken offshore to lower cost off shore configuration where the award configuration is completed and the people are paid less than $10 per hour while local companies are charging customers thousands of dollars. I have seen companies then come back to charge the customer more money to complete the award interpretation configuration that was never done correctly in the first place.

I have seen low-cost systems and high end systems costing tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars all fail with the award interpretation.

Don’t let this situation happen at your company.

While it is okay to outsource many functions overseas including some basic admin functions at‎ or outsource some excel spreadsheet work to it is not okay to outsource the award interpretation based on your companies EBA or award.

It is not that you could not train a person to configure awards this process is fairly straightforward once you have all the correct information at hand. The challenge is getting all of the information correct in the first place to give it to a person to complete the configuration.

Customers often ask why do we put so much time into getting the award interpretation configuration correct from the start.

A recent example where during the analysis of the awards prior to the configuration process an overpayment was discovered in the existing manual system that amounted to around two dollars per employee. The clarification of the calculation triggers ended up with company lawyers confirming the correct calculation to be used. With the changes made to the calculation this two dollar per employee error had to be calculated weekly across 500 employees, you do the sums.

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