Deputy introduce paid breaks – making compliance even easier

Last month Deputy released a new feature – Paid Breaks.


What does this mean?

You can now ask employees to sign out and in for breaks giving you an electronic easy to understand report showing the breaks taken while the employee continues to get paid as required. Previously you could not do this as the employee if they signed into a break would not get paid.

What should you do?

Deputy says…Relieve your employees from all duties during their breaks – (Pay close attention to this one). Ensure your staff are not pressured to work during their allocated break times. IF they’re working at any capacity during their break, you’ll be liable to pay them in addition to their entitled wage.

Setting up paid breaks is easy…register to start a 30 day trial and book in training to get your employees signing in and out electronically.

It is now even easier to import your data in XERO….

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Scheduling with Open Shifts – How can this help your business save money and time weekly?

Open shifts have been around forever, a manager decades ago would say I need three people at 7am tomorrow and the first three people who put up their hand or yelled out would get the shift.

Today now we have moved electronic we can do the same thing only software makes the process a lot more clever allowing any person without all of the knowledge of the skills of the employees to now create open shifts.

Open shifts – Why use them?

Open shifts give you the flexibility to not select any one person for a position but to give people the choice of which shift they take. In today’s hectic paced world that we all live in trying to manage home, work, kids and much more is challenging at best,  having the flexibility to choose when you work is gold. Open shifts would be ideal for mum’s who need to manage the family but also want to get some shifts in each week to get out of the house and socialise with more than the family dog or cat.

Before technology came along as we have today if you got a call saying a container was turning up at 2pm Tuesday and it was 4pm Monday you would get straight onto the phone calling one person after another to fill the 15 positions you had to fill so you could empty the container on arrival.

What if you could create 15 open shifts that were filled in minutes without making 1 phone call? Would this help you in your business – How much stress would this remove.

Start a 30 day trial and see how open shifts can help you in the business

How do electronic open shifts work?

Electronic open shifts allow the scheduler to easily send a message to a group of people who would be interested in a shift becoming available so these people can accept the shift without the scheduler having to make one phone call. Imagine filling 15 shifts in minutes with only a few clicks of your mouse button, how much stress would this take out of your day? Even better if you needed 8 people to pack and 7 people to unpack the container you can target the best packers and un packers by tagging the employees in the data set. Another example would be what if you need three MR drivers for your trucks with over 100 people in your database. You would not want to contact all 100 people to let them know about 3 MR drivers shifts.

Imagine you could laser target the message about the open shift only to the people who have the skill to complete the shift – Would this help you in your job?

deputy_-_open_shifts deputy_-_open_shifts1

Start a 30 day trial and see how open shifts can help you in the business

Deputy starts 2017 with all guns blazing – There is no other scheduling software that compares….

Wow what a start  to 2017, Deputy have come out with all guns blazing……

I read with interest this week that deputy have secured a USD 25 million investment to take the Deputy software solution into the stratosphere. There is no doubt there is no other product on the planet that even comes close. You can trial products for months or you can just start with Deputy right now…Start a 30 day trial

From an initial start just over eight years ago deputy has become the number one employee scheduling software.

just look at these stats eight years on….

  • 80 employees
  • Offices in 4 countries
  • Over 28,000 customers
  • Customers in 70 countries (on every continent)
  • 450,000 users
  • Over 60,000,000 shifts handled

while most of the competitors have less than 20 staff  and may have added one or two staff in the past eight years.  The growth of Deputy as a company is only matched by the growth of the product which now boasts so many time-saving tools you simply cannot look at any other software because nothing compares. Start a 30 day trial

What is new in 2017?

Reports are now saved during your session so if you need to go back and review a report you ran earlier you can simply click on  the link saved from the original time you ran the report.  Deputy just keep taking away clicks and seconds, every time they make a change and take away a click  they are saving  the users seconds, seconds that add up to minutes and over time hours. It is hard to imagine how you would schedule your staff without Deputy


The game changer of the decade


It was just a matter of time before deputy introduced built-in awards, this is a game changer of the biggest proportions.

Initially starting with the following awards for all of your full-time, part-time and casual staff.

  • Hospitality Industry General Award (HIGA)
  • Restaurant Industry Award (RIA)
  • Fast Food Industry Award (FFIA)
  • General Retail Industry Award (GRIA)

More awards will be coming and if you would like your award included please contact to get the ball rolling.


If you have read this blog down to this line and you are ready to start a 30 day trial, one she start the 30 day trial we will contact you to book in training  and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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Template Rosters – Everyone needs this

WE have all been waiting for templates and Deputy has delivered, now you can build that template for the public holiday, xmas period etc and save yourself a mountain of time every time.

Deputy’s promise to you has always been to act as your trusted second-in-charge, and to give you back time to do the things you really love* and you’re really good at. With our latest release, we’re absolutely delighted to hand you back a ton of your valuable time.

You can now save and load schedule templates. This means you can build a schedule for a day or a week, (or just go to an existing schedule), and save it as a template for future use.

This is similar functionality to Copy Shifts, however a saved template is always easily accessible – you don’t have to go back and forth to find a schedule you want to copy. You can quickly pull up the template for Summer Week, Busy Week, Easter Sunday, whatever. With one click, you can load it to a blank day/week (actually, it doesn’t even have to be blank – the template shifts will be simply added to any existing shifts), tweak and trim if you like, and publish.

Once you have created a schedule, everyone in your team who can schedule at the location(s) it covers can access and load that schedule. You can create master templates, and ask your Location Managers and Supervisors to use them.


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Deputy just gets better every month – Sign in from your app icon

Deputy just gets better every month. You can now sign in and out with the Deputy icon without logging into the app, this is one of the collest updates ever


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A few more items that are very noticeable about the latest update

  • Performance out of this world
  • The app has taken on many subtle changes for the better
  • Split screen multi tasking on and iPad…..which I had that for some of the games I play :))
  • Locations across multiple time zones has improved – this is a big win for global and Australian customers

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