The features just keep coming – Now you can schedule directly from your mobile phone

The development team at Deputy have really outdone themselves this time. As if the Deputy platform was not already good enough the developers have now taken the product into the stratosphere.

It is no surprise hundreds of customers are signing up every week to start using the Deputy rostering system. You can now manage your entire operation from your mobile phone. Plenty of people said this could not be done, but it is here and it is here now. If you are an existing customer simply update your app. If you’ve heard about Deputy but you’ve not yet started to use Deputy start a 30 day trial here.

With these recent changes you can not only roster from your mobile phone you can also approve time sheets no longer needing to be tied down to a PC in the office.

Some of the recent improvements this release include:

  • Full employee scheduling
  • See rosters for today or any day in future
  • See past timesheets
  • Copy shifts from day to day
  • Publish weekly shifts
  • Change shifts
  • Add open shifts
  • Delete shifts
  • Approve timesheets
  • Bulk approve
  • Discard timesheet
  • See weather of the day
  • Notification swipe will take you straight to the item
  • Fully responsive design for iPad and iPhone 6 plus.

New app

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Rostering by mobile phone

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Isn’t it time that you moved away from spreadsheets. Put your entire rostering requirements in your hands.

One location or 50 locations you can give access to your managers and supervisors directly from their smart device.

What can you do from your mobile phone.


  • Sign in and sign out
  • Advise availability in advance
  • Request time off
  • See your roster
  • See approved time sheets
  • Integrate your roster directly into your calendar
  • Receive messages


  • Sign in and sign out
  • Sign in and sign out employees
  • Replace late or sick staff
  • See who is running late
  • Manage multiple locations
  • send and receive messages

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The Larger your organisation the larger award interpretation error

I have been involved with award interpretation of time and attendance systems for more than 15 years. In this time I have seen some products that are not capable of completing the award interpretation correctly yet they are sold every day. I have seen these systems where the configurations is taken offshore to lower cost off shore configuration where the award configuration is completed and the people are paid less than $10 per hour while local companies are charging customers thousands of dollars. I have seen companies then come back to charge the customer more money to complete the award interpretation configuration that was never done correctly in the first place.

I have seen low-cost systems and high end systems costing tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars all fail with the award interpretation.

Don’t let this situation happen at your company.

While it is okay to outsource many functions overseas including some basic admin functions at‎ or outsource some excel spreadsheet work to it is not okay to outsource the award interpretation based on your companies EBA or award.

It is not that you could not train a person to configure awards this process is fairly straightforward once you have all the correct information at hand. The challenge is getting all of the information correct in the first place to give it to a person to complete the configuration.

Customers often ask why do we put so much time into getting the award interpretation configuration correct from the start.

A recent example where during the analysis of the awards prior to the configuration process an overpayment was discovered in the existing manual system that amounted to around two dollars per employee. The clarification of the calculation triggers ended up with company lawyers confirming the correct calculation to be used. With the changes made to the calculation this two dollar per employee error had to be calculated weekly across 500 employees, you do the sums.

5 features you must have in a rostering solution

Open shifts
Give yourself the power to relax, select open shifts and let the rostering system work for you. Once you set an open shift with a start and finish time the system will do the following for you….

  • Automatically send an email to all employees elegible based on the location, department, day, start and finish time taking into consideration leave and existing organised days off
  • Keen employees will accept the shift electronically, automatically updating your data base while you are working on another project.
  • Job done


Employee availability

Stop worrying about what employees can work and when, stop running spreadsheets spending hours on the phone making sure everyone is ok to work the shifts you allocated…what the rostering system can do for you….

  • Let employees advise availability into the future electronically before rosters are even built, employees can access from the free app on their smartphone or login through the web.
  • Employee calls in sick, no problem replace them quickly from your mobile phone even when you are not in the office.


Labour Costs V Sales

What retail company today does not want to know the cost of labour V sales. Click to read your report instantly showing cost of labour against sales
Drag and drop functionality

Rostering should be as easy as drag and drop, move employees into the department you need on the day you need with simple drag and drop functionality.  Control C and control V to easily copy and paste one day to the next.


No double ups

How many times have you screwed up the spreadsheet and ended up with to many people on shift, what about the classic, rostering an employee to work in 2 different places at the same time, anyone who has run a spreadsheet for rostering knows about this issue.

No Double ups means you cannot double up an employee into 2 locations at the same time, the system simply will not let you roster one employee into 2 different locations/departments


Employee app

With the take up of smart phones globally you would be crazy to implement traditional employee time clocks. This year I assisted a customer with 55 locations and over 500 staff, they were looking at over $75,000 just to install and configure employee fingerprint time clocks all over Australia with several locations overseas.  The customer never selected the fingerprint hardware costing $75,000 and went with our rostering solution with time and attendance configured for payroll.

A clever employee app included in the software at no additional cost will allow employees not only to sign in and sign out completely removing the cost of hardware to your business the app will also allow employees to advise availability, receive company and individual messages and tasks.

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Scheduling employees for recruitment companies

We have received many inquiries over the years from recruitment companies looking for a better way to manage candidates while also helping internal consultants. We know from more than 3000 customers that not every program suits every customer……this rostering / scheduling program is made for recruitment companies.

  • Allow candidates to advise availability electronically in advance making scheduling easier
  • Candidates can sign in on own smart phone (no hardware required) or location based kiosk
  • Build schedules in advance and share with candidates via email or smart device
  • Candidates schedules go directly into their own smart device calendar
  • Create electronic open shifts and let the keenest candidates fill the positions (first in gets the shift)
  • Give your customers visibility/access to the schedule showing live who is in and who is late
  • Consultants can see live who is on site and who is late
  • Less than 15 cents per employee per day

When talking to potential customers from the recruitment industry I get told I don’t understand the pressures of being a consultant and managing candidates 24 by 7 in some instances with no visibility, customers calling me to tell me an employee has not turned up before I even know about it.

The good news here is I worked in this industry for more than 10 years in a previous life, I had the 24 by 7 phone. I remember being up at 11:00pm trying to find replacements for people who called in sick on a rotating 18 week 24 hours a day roster. Finally i would get to bed well after midnight only to then find more people at 4:00am in the morning for the next customer who just had an unexpected container or two arrive a day early throwing out the roster for the day.

Managing people in high pressure situations was always tough, information at our fingertips often comprised a data base of names or a printed spreadsheet of names. We all did the same thing, we all got on the mobile phone and started dialing, I could spend hours some mornings just ringing numbers hoping to find the candidate required to fill the position. Sometimes you got lucky and got a yes from the candidate in the first few calls, other times 20 calls later you were still looking to fill the position.

I remember days where I needed 10 people to fill 10 positions, I could have been on the phone for three hours just getting these positions filled, if you have ever worked in this industry or ever been a customer of a recruitment company supplier I know you will relate.

frustrated on phone
Don’t let this be you every day any more

Times have changed, technology has changed now you can do so much more with detailed easy to use systems that not only make your life easier but you can now give access to your customer if you want. Recently I completed a demonstration to a recruitment company in Melbourne online, when I mentioned the idea of sharing information online with the customer they were very nervous, apprehensive and before I could even start to show the possibilities everyone in the room categorically said NO… NO we will not give access to our customer….then I continued the demonstration and showed them how it worked, within minutes all the people in the room wanted to know how soon they could implement, quite simply we blew them away with the possibilities.

I have been in your shoes and searched the globe several years ago to find a better rostering solution for many industries not just recruitment. After looking at and trying more than 30 rostering solutions over 12 months I know I have the best solution for you.

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