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Posted on: November 15, 2021 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

The change has been significant, employees and contractor workforces are now more mobile than ever, people can work from anywhere, there are no longer limits on where and how people can work who have a choice.

Cafes, restaurants screaming for people to schedule into positions to satisfy customers. My local restaurants are overflowing with customers, it is so good to see. Around the world, we still have some countries in lockdown it is so hard to watch being through lockdown already.

I have colleagues in Melbourne Australia who have endured the longest lockdown anywhere in the world.

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Why Schedule Employees? What are the benefits?

Scheduling employees has been around long before any software was invented. The first digital scheduling I can recall was spreadsheets where you would build your schedule in a spreadsheet. I am sure before spreadsheets people scheduled with paper and pen.

Today scheduling with a digital solution the employee roster means so much more.

The old way was to schedule on paper, pick up the phone, call and confirm the person is ok for the shift, takes notes on your paper. The modern way is to build your schedule and then push one message with all people scheduled notified automatically at the same time with the ability to turn on a feature asking the person to accept or decline the schedule.

The old way was to have a list of names you could call for on-call scheduling when you needed people at the last minute. I have done this one before in a previous life where at 10 pm at night I needed to find 5 people and would start calling people until I got the 5 people i needed, sometimes I was still calling at 11:00 pm at night starting to wake people up who had already gone to sleep. The Modern way is to push one button notifying any person who is skilled to complete the work and the first 5 people to accept the offer get the shift, everything sorted in minutes without one phone call.

How do you schedule? the old way or the Modern way?

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Scheduling employee leave management

One of the most asked questions with scheduling employees, collecting start and finish times, and managing leave, is LEAVE – how can we manage leave easier? Leave comes in many forms and varies between full-time, casual and part-time staff

Do you want better leave visibility?

Employee leave includes.

  • Annual leave
  • Vacation Leave
  • unpaid leave
  • accrued leave
  • Long Service Leave
  • Carers Leave
  • Time off in Lieu leave
  • Unpaid Leave – No Show
  • Add more leave types as required

What is unavailability?

  • Unavailability is more about saying I cant work Thursday so you are not scheduled.
  • Unavailbility makes it easy to put in the days you are at University or soccer or football training so you are not scheduled on these days.

When applying for leave employees can add comments and additional information where required to explain the leave.

Integrate employee time collection and leave with payroll. Your payroll system will drive the leave categories.

Supervisors and Managers can see….

  • All Leave requests
  • Leave requests assigned to the supervisor
  • All upcoming leave
  • Approved and unapproved leave

Employees can…..

  • Apply for leave through their own mobile phone (supervisors are notified of the leave request immediately)
  • See leave approved and denied
  • See leave balance when payroll is connected

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Scheduling staff is a challenge – Scheduling staff in COVID is so much harder

Posted on: January 15, 2021 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

Many companies that schedule staff have multiple locations, there is a connection, think about retail stores like Gloria Jeans Coffee, hotel chains that manage multiple locations locally, nationally and globally.

As COVID continues to give businesses grief globally legislation is changing country by country to help manage COVID better in certain industries.

Key industries include….

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Aged care

These industries account for a massive number of the workforce globally, these industries also all need to schedule employees across one or many locations.

Examples of legistation we are starting to see being bought in by Governments around the world include

  • The operator of a residential aged care facility must develop a Workforce Management Plan that requires employees, contractors, volunteers and students to advise if they have worked at other locations in the same industry.
  • Employers in some countries can now force employees to come back to work and stop working from home – Not everyone will be happy with this outcome.
  • Vaccine legislation is now coming out for some industries as the vaccine is beggining to be rolled out globally.
  • Businesses are being forced to collect visitor information including name and mobile for COVID tracing
  • Wearing masks indoors in crowded places including retail is mandatory with fines aplying if you do not comply.

The only way to manage employees’ schedules across multiple locations is electronic, spreadsheets are no longer an option. Electronic scheduling allows you to set parameters that stop one worker from being scheduled at another location.

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Tsheets bought out by Quickbooks

Posted on: December 15, 2020 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

Many will know Tsheets was apparently bought out in 2017 by Intuit the owners of Quickbooks for around $340M

As happens when large companies buy out small companies not always every customer going forward is happy.

I got this just today
We are using Tsheets but since it has been bought out by Quick Books it is unreliable and expensive. I am interested in your costs and how the system works for the staff.

Over the past 5 years, I have assisted a number of customers to move from Tsheets and the reasons are varied.

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