Kiosks to hold your Deputy iPad

While many customers do not use kiosks at all when using Deputy because they use the super sexy mobile phone app to manage schedules, tasks and more some customers still need to set up an iPad for Deputy.

Need a kiosk for your location to support your iPad or android device safely and securely?

Looking for something you can stick to the wall?

Some customers are looking for something with a bit of a curve….

Some customers need the whole box and dice!!

No matter which kiosk you choose you still get all of the features of Deputy including facial recognition, shift swap, and more.

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Deputy – Create your own payroll export

Posted on: May 26, 2022 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

I have worked in this industry for many decades, I remember the days when it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to create a payroll export for payroll.

I am surprised to still see payroll exports costing many thousands of dollars still today.

Deputy has solved this problem, in fact, the cost of your payroll export alone could pay for Deputy for 1 or 2 years. The issue is not exporting to Xero or QuickBooks or MYOB, all of these integrations are already built into Deputy.

The issue is for customers, particularly in manufacturing that are not using common payroll systems like Xero or QuickBooks, or MYOB. The issue is for customers that need to have a specially built payroll export to match the not off-the-shelf payroll product.

Deputy has solved this issue – click to watch and see how easy this is to set up your own payroll export.

Need to talk to a 30-year industry export to assist you to get the best information Book a 5-minute call

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Award Interpretation for Scheduling

Posted on: March 28, 2022 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

Imagine being able to schedule your staff to shifts knowing the awards are already connected to the employee for the work being completed to ensure the payroll is processed correctly, without error and the employee is happy!!

  • Set up awards connected to employees in a few clicks
  • Automate wage calculations
  • Process the information to payroll seamlessly

How good would this be?

Want to know more? Ready to save yourself many hours every week?

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Managing workers across multiple locations

Now the world has changed forever on how employees work and where employees work it is more important than ever to have systems that will assist you to onboard employees, collect start and finish times, and complete payroll.

These key areas can cost you some to hundreds of hours in admin with no system in place.

  • Onboarding Employees remotely
  • Collecting start and finish times against scheduled start and finish times
  • Automating payroll processing

Onboarding Employees remotely

No matter how you onboard employees into your business the time is here to stop collecting information on paper. It is time to start collecting information electronically and directly into your system.

Collecting start and finish times against scheduled start and finish times

For 20 years now it has been very common to collect employee start and finish times electronically, comparing against a schedule allows you to easily see actual time worked against scheduled time. Just seeing this report can be eye-opening for some businesses.

Automating payroll processing

If you are not automating payroll already you must change, if your staff is manually entering data into payroll from timesheets, spreadsheets, or even from an electronic time collection device, it is time to stop!

Complicate any of the above issues across multiple locations and you have intense efficiency issues that will be costing you money every week. It is time to change, change is close by, book a 15-minute call to discuss your current processes.

The world has changed, let Deputy help you change with the world

Posted on: November 15, 2021 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

The change has been significant, employees and contractor workforces are now more mobile than ever, people can work from anywhere, there are no longer limits on where and how people can work who have a choice.

Cafes, restaurants screaming for people to schedule into positions to satisfy customers. My local restaurants are overflowing with customers, it is so good to see. Around the world, we still have some countries in lockdown it is so hard to watch being through lockdown already.

I have colleagues in Melbourne Australia who have endured the longest lockdown anywhere in the world.

Need help to manage employee schedules? Need help to manage schedules for casuals?

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