George Calombaris rips $7.8 Million from his employees

Posted on: July 19, 2019 | Categories: award interpretation rostering scheduling Time & Attendance

George Calombaris has been caught out with poor systems. While his OCD applied nicely for preparing food that skill did not transfer to admin. Poor systems for employee timekeeping and payroll has led to this situation where George has shortchanged staff $7.8 million dollars. Did he do this knowingly?

How could George have avoided this situation?

The answer is simple, with a timekeeping system designed to stop these issues from occurring, with built-in awards it is not possible to short pay employees. Don’t get caught out in your restaurant, if your using timesheets or spreadsheets it is time to put an electronic system in place.

  • Schedule employees easily from your PC or mobile phone
  • Awards built-in
  • Remove manual data entry integrate with payroll including Xero, Quicken, MYOB and many more

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I believe George has now paid all the money back, copped a fine and also needs to offer his time to complete some adds.

Deputy Implementation


Deputy like many cloud software solutions today as time goes by becomes more complex than the system was originally when first built 8 years ago. For this reason there are teams of people who will assist you with your implementation. You can continue to set up Deputy yourself, the software is well designed for this however if you are time poor and would like to move forward faster please call 1300 800 077. Our team are here to assist.

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employee unavailability

Deputy adds leave balances for employees to see when booking leave – WOW!!

Every once in a while comes a feature every customer asks for but is not easy for the development team to provide, allowing an employee to easily see how many hours leave are available when requesting some time off is gold. This was worth the wait. Thanks a million to the developers, customer are going to love this feature.

Not only does Deputy show the leave balance to the employee they also show the balance per leave type. AND any future approved leave, so everyone is completely in the know. This will save employees, managers, and employers from jumping back and forth between Deputy and their payroll product – what a time saver! At present this data syncs seamlessly with Xero, MYOB and Bamboo HR.

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Deputy distruptes the scheduling landscape again

Deputy unleashed another powerful update to the software today and did not increase the price, adding so much functionaility and not increasing the price of the software is nothing short of amazing.

For a long time customers have been asking to have different payrates for different areas making it easier to manage John who works in the bar on $25 an hour and then works in the dining room for an extra shift on $20 an hour. You can now create unlimited pay structures by area.

Department – Bar – supervisor $35
Department – Bar – employee $28
Department – Bar – less than 3 months $25

It is just way to easy!!

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Making it even easier to export the correct data to payroll

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Deputy introduce paid breaks – making compliance even easier

Last month Deputy released a new feature – Paid Breaks.


What does this mean?

You can now ask employees to sign out and in for breaks giving you an electronic easy to understand report showing the breaks taken while the employee continues to get paid as required. Previously you could not do this as the employee if they signed into a break would not get paid.

What should you do?

Deputy says…Relieve your employees from all duties during their breaks – (Pay close attention to this one). Ensure your staff are not pressured to work during their allocated break times. IF they’re working at any capacity during their break, you’ll be liable to pay them in addition to their entitled wage.

Setting up paid breaks is easy…register to start a 30 day trial and book in training to get your employees signing in and out electronically.

It is now even easier to import your data in XERO….

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