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Tsheets bought out by Quickbooks

Posted on: December 15, 2020 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

Many will know Tsheets was apparently bought out in 2017 by Intuit the owners of Quickbooks for around $340M

As happens when large companies buy out small companies not always every customer going forward is happy.

I got this just today
We are using Tsheets but since it has been bought out by Quick Books it is unreliable and expensive. I am interested in your costs and how the system works for the staff.

Over the past 5 years, I have assisted a number of customers to move from Tsheets and the reasons are varied.

Need to move from Tsheets? Book in a call
You can book in a 15-minute call here

Deputy Trends highlight shiftworkers attitudes towards shiftwork.

Posted on: December 7, 2020 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

Deputy recently completed a detailed survey of more than 1400 shift workers. While 96% of the shift workers liked parts of their job more than 25% said they did not dislike anything about working shift work.

Overwhelmingly shift workers spoken open and honestly with 96% saying they deserve more respect and 82% want better communication.

If you cannot do the following you should book in a demonstration.

  • Send employees notifications instantly.
  • Ask employees to read and approve documentation without printing one piece of paper.
  • Allow Shift workers to swap shifts with a mate when needed to allow better quality of live. (shift workers can miss out on a lot of social activity due to the hours worked)
  • Allow shift workers to see who else is working on thier shifts
  • Allow shift workers to pre-plan a day off in the future
  • Shift workers can do all of the asbove on their own mobile phone, no paper, spreadsheets needed anywhere.

Let shift workers have all the information they need in their hands with their own mobile phones. Start a trial or book in a demonstration

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