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5 features you must have in a rostering solution

Open shifts
Give yourself the power to relax, select open shifts and let the rostering system work for you. Once you set an open shift with a start and finish time the system will do the following for you….

  • Automatically send an email to all employees elegible based on the location, department, day, start and finish time taking into consideration leave and existing organised days off
  • Keen employees will accept the shift electronically, automatically updating your data base while you are working on another project.
  • Job done


Employee availability

Stop worrying about what employees can work and when, stop running spreadsheets spending hours on the phone making sure everyone is ok to work the shifts you allocated…what the rostering system can do for you….

  • Let employees advise availability into the future electronically before rosters are even built, employees can access from the free app on their smartphone or login through the web.
  • Employee calls in sick, no problem replace them quickly from your mobile phone even when you are not in the office.


Labour Costs V Sales

What retail company today does not want to know the cost of labour V sales. Click to read your report instantly showing cost of labour against sales
Drag and drop functionality

Rostering should be as easy as drag and drop, move employees into the department you need on the day you need with simple drag and drop functionality.  Control C and control V to easily copy and paste one day to the next.


No double ups

How many times have you screwed up the spreadsheet and ended up with to many people on shift, what about the classic, rostering an employee to work in 2 different places at the same time, anyone who has run a spreadsheet for rostering knows about this issue.

No Double ups means you cannot double up an employee into 2 locations at the same time, the system simply will not let you roster one employee into 2 different locations/departments


Employee app

With the take up of smart phones globally you would be crazy to implement traditional employee time clocks. This year I assisted a customer with 55 locations and over 500 staff, they were looking at over $75,000 just to install and configure employee fingerprint time clocks all over Australia with several locations overseas.  The customer never selected the fingerprint hardware costing $75,000 and went with our rostering solution with time and attendance configured for payroll.

A clever employee app included in the software at no additional cost will allow employees not only to sign in and sign out completely removing the cost of hardware to your business the app will also allow employees to advise availability, receive company and individual messages and tasks.

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