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Scheduling employees for recruitment companies

We have received many inquiries over the years from recruitment companies looking for a better way to manage candidates while also helping internal consultants. We know from more than 3000 customers that not every program suits every customer……this rostering / scheduling program is made for recruitment companies.

  • Allow candidates to advise availability electronically in advance making scheduling easier
  • Candidates can sign in on own smart phone (no hardware required) or location based kiosk
  • Build schedules in advance and share with candidates via email or smart device
  • Candidates schedules go directly into their own smart device calendar
  • Create electronic open shifts and let the keenest candidates fill the positions (first in gets the shift)
  • Give your customers visibility/access to the schedule showing live who is in and who is late
  • Consultants can see live who is on site and who is late
  • Less than 15 cents per employee per day

When talking to potential customers from the recruitment industry I get told I don’t understand the pressures of being a consultant and managing candidates 24 by 7 in some instances with no visibility, customers calling me to tell me an employee has not turned up before I even know about it.

The good news here is I worked in this industry for more than 10 years in a previous life, I had the 24 by 7 phone. I remember being up at 11:00pm trying to find replacements for people who called in sick on a rotating 18 week 24 hours a day roster. Finally i would get to bed well after midnight only to then find more people at 4:00am in the morning for the next customer who just had an unexpected container or two arrive a day early throwing out the roster for the day.

Managing people in high pressure situations was always tough, information at our fingertips often comprised a data base of names or a printed spreadsheet of names. We all did the same thing, we all got on the mobile phone and started dialing, I could spend hours some mornings just ringing numbers hoping to find the candidate required to fill the position. Sometimes you got lucky and got a yes from the candidate in the first few calls, other times 20 calls later you were still looking to fill the position.

I remember days where I needed 10 people to fill 10 positions, I could have been on the phone for three hours just getting these positions filled, if you have ever worked in this industry or ever been a customer of a recruitment company supplier I know you will relate.

frustrated on phone
Don’t let this be you every day any more

Times have changed, technology has changed now you can do so much more with detailed easy to use systems that not only make your life easier but you can now give access to your customer if you want. Recently I completed a demonstration to a recruitment company in Melbourne online, when I mentioned the idea of sharing information online with the customer they were very nervous, apprehensive and before I could even start to show the possibilities everyone in the room categorically said NO… NO we will not give access to our customer….then I continued the demonstration and showed them how it worked, within minutes all the people in the room wanted to know how soon they could implement, quite simply we blew them away with the possibilities.

I have been in your shoes and searched the globe several years ago to find a better rostering solution for many industries not just recruitment. After looking at and trying more than 30 rostering solutions over 12 months I know I have the best solution for you.

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Rostering made easy – employees electronically confirming scheduling availability

Posted on: October 14, 2014 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

Not that long ago we called employees to confirm a shift or roster or schedule. We would pick up the phone and make the calls. With 100 people in your business often this would mean calling as many as 10 to 16 people to fill changes. Come forward to today and after you publish your shift employees can now confirm that they can take the shift or that they are unavailable.

Even before you publish your shift employees can advise electronically availability giving you the power to only select available staff without even thinking about it. Many companies create the roster or the schedule post onto website, spreadsheet or print and put on the wall. What is missing from this process is the confirmation from the employee that they can do all the shifts you have allocated in the schedule.

Giving employees the ability to confirm they can work the shifts allocated in the schedule give you 100% visibility on what is happening with your staff across the entire operation no matter how many locations you have to manage.

As soon as an employee indicates electronically they cannot do one or more of the shifts allocated you can make these shifts open for the keenest employees to pick up some more hours. I wrote recently about open shifts.

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While we prefer employees to sign in with a smart device you can still sign in and out at a PC

While we prefer employees to sign in with a smart device you can still sign in and out at a PC. Some advantages of employees signing in and out through smart devices for time and attendance include…

How can employees sign in?

iPhone or Android – when employees sign in and out you can capture the GPS position of the employee and place a pin on a map on the employee time sheet.
iPad – when utilising an iPad as a kiosk for groups of employees to sign in and out you can turn on a feature to take a photo of each employee when they sign in and out with the photo going onto the employee time sheet.

As companies become larger in the number of locations the cost of any time and attendance system increases significantly when trying to implement hardware.

With 50 locations hardware costs can vary from $50,000 to $100,000 for biometric hardware including installation and cabling
With 50 locations hardware costs can vary from $25,000 to $50,000 for most other hardware choices like pin number and proximity including installation and cabling

You can completely remove the cost of hardware and give more functionality than a biometric time clock improving company efficiency simply by allowing employees to sign in and out via a PC.

Managers can manage employees, approve leave, build and adjust schedules and much more. Employees can sign in and out, apply for leave, advise future unavailability and more

Watch a very short video on how an employee can sign in at a PC completing removing the costs of hardware.

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What is an Employee Roster?

Posted on: October 1, 2014 | Categories: rostering Rostering Demonstration scheduling StaffRosters Blog

Regardless of how small your team is, a staff roster is crucial to the running operations of your business. Without rosters, confusion would arise as staff would constantly arrive and leave whenever they please, shifts would remain uncovered and there would be no indication of how long a staff member worked.

If you use a simple paper time sheet currently we all know the times written down are not the actual times. As soon as an employee is late when using paper time sheets they will write down the start time of the shift not the actual time. If the shift starts at 8:00 and the employee arrives at 8:06 they should write down 8:06 but we all know the majority of employees given the freedom will simply write 8:00

A roster puts your business in order, but instead of using an out-dated technique such as manual time sheets, there is now a simpler and faster way to prepare a staff schedule. Staff Rosters has discovered the web based rostering solution to solve the hundreds of problems Australian businesses encounter every day.

 Online rostering is a simple and straightforward web-application

Online rostering is effective, time-saving and beneficial to all involved. All changes can be emailed, sent via SMS or sent completely free with the free employee staff rosters app available on iPhone and Android to alert staff of any last minute changes or annual leave approval, and these rosters are environmentally friendly. If you have ever had to print out a new roster after every change you make, you will understand how much you will benefit from just a click of the button to change what you have originally written, saving you paper expenses and time.

Imagine the employees having the roster delivered to their own mobile phone, syncing automatically with their calendar taking into account availability.

Staff Rosters provides a roster template for all clients to revolutionise the way your business manages their staff roster. From comparing rosters against the previous week to easily viewing daily, weekly and monthly costings, there has never been a better way to schedule your staff’s time and attendance. For more information regarding online rostering, start a 30 day trial and we will book in a training session or book in a demonstration

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