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What will be the most used employee time clock over the next 10 years

Posted on: February 15, 2014 | Categories: cloud rostering Online Time Sheets rostering StaffRosters Blog

Employee time clocks have been around for many decades, today I will explore not only the most common employee time clocks used today and over the past few decades but I will also cover the single most used employee time clock that you may not even know about today that will be the most used employee time clock over the next 10 years

Most people today are more interested in today’s products and not products that may be dated and possibly been around for more than 20 years like bundy clocks with bundy cards. Today I will start the list in reverse order starting with the what will become the most used employee time clock over the next 10 years globally, and it is happening right now every day.

Number 1 most used solution for employee time and attendance over the next 10 years will be…..
Smart Phones including iPhone and Android, Tablets and iPads. These types of items will be the most used items for employees to clock in and out over the next decade. Smart phones are so prolific now that it has never been easier for employees to clock in and out from their own mobile phone. Supervisors and Managers can also see company specific information, replace staff and manage rosters all from their own mobile phone. You can create your own time sheet, set up time sheet approval and more.


While writing this blog I hear advertising from our largest national electronics retailer promoting spend $500 in store and get a free Tablet, it is no wonder they are so prolific with promotions like these. Read More

Number 2 most used solution for employee time and attendance over the next 10 years will be…..
Simple electronic employee time clocks. Over the past decade hundreds of types of electronic employee time clocks have been released, some are still around and many have come and gone. This electronic employee time clock is our favourite as a stand alone employee time clock. This time clock also integrates directly with the fasted growing rostering program on the planet. We have provided thousands of employee time clocks over the years and every day see the decline while smart phones and tablets with iPads are increasing exponentially. Read More


Number 3 most used solution for employee time and attendance over the next 10 years will be…..
Portable employee time clocks designed for the most remote conditions, no power, only generators. No internet, no network and no computers. What type of device can you use when you have no power and no internet.


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This week a customer asked me what program do we use to book online rostering demonstrations

Posted on: February 5, 2014 | Categories: StaffRosters Blog

While chatting with a customer this week I was asked about the process that the customer had just been through booking in an online rostering demonstration. The customer called to explain how easy he found the process of booking into demonstration.

The customer is in retail and books customers in everyday for appointments, he explained how currently the company managed appointments on an Excel spreadsheet. The appointments are made face-to-face and over the telephone.

I have shared this information with the customer and wanted to share with any other company that may have similar needs. I have found the product easy to use and we currently run different demonstration calendars for the different styles of demonstrations we complete for customers. For example we have 15,30 and 60 minute demonstrations of our rostering software. We also have a calendar now for training where customers can book in a training session from available dates six weeks into the future.

Before using this calendar system to book in our online rostering demonstrations I watched as our staff spent hours going back and forwards with customers trying to set a date by telephone and e-mail. I expect this solution has saved our company 2 to 3 hours a day. Now we simply send out the link to our online rostering calendar and the customer can see available dates and times for the next six weeks to book in a demonstration.

Now instead of spending hours every day trying to coordinate demonstrations with our customers we receive e-mails alerting us another customer has booked in another rostering demonstration. If you need an excellent low-cost appointment program you should consider this one as you do your research.

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Online Time Sheets vs. Normal Time sheets

Monitoring and logging your employees’ time and attendance is an important facet of your business operations. Having the best and most accurate time and attendance equipment and solutions is imperative in ensuring all staff is performing to their outlined responsibilities and your company is not experiencing time theft or wage fraud.

Using online time sheets for employees and management allows your organisation to collate and store data in a much more streamlined and organised fashion. By moving your time and attendance time sheets to an online platform, staff can log on and off immediately and you will automatically have collected their data, rather than chasing them up for it or manually having to go through timesheets.

Alternatively, the traditional method of time and attendance is paper based or spread sheet collated data. This is a very simple and trust-based method of collecting time and attendance information, as staff have to manually fill out their hours and work productivity. These so-called ‘normal’ time sheets are the more traditional method of data collection, however they are somewhat out dated and can lead to discrepancies and time theft, costing your company additional money in wages and investigation.

A cost effective and more accurate time sheet system

Online time sheets are far more cost effective in this day and age as they eliminate the need for manual handling of time and attendance records. By minimising the manual input of staff data, your organisation can be confident that all time and attendance records are collated, stored and organised in the most efficient and correct way possible.

By implementing online time sheets, your company can save money by reducing the opportunity of time theft by employees . Time theft is a very common occurrence in workplaces where online time and attendance solutions have not been implemented as the staff themselves are responsible for reporting the hours they worked and their productivity levels.

Online time sheets are an automatic register of staff clock on and clock off times, meaning your staff are much more likely to arrive on time and leave when they’re supposed to as all their attendance is recorded on your company online time and attendance platform electronically.

Traditional time sheets can be beneficial for some workplaces

While online time sheets are the most popular and effective method of time and attendance records in today’s technological society, with iPads, Tablets and smart phones everywhere, there are still some instances where traditional time sheets may be of use, we cant think of any though.

If you run a large scale company that sees large quantities of casual workers work irregular shifts, then implementing online time and attendance would be crucial to excellent output of information collected in preparation for payroll.

For example, say you run a catering company that works at a large sporting arena. Every week there are a number of events staged at the venue with a large number of casual staff employed to cater them. With a staff base running into the thousands, implementing an online time and attendance system with rostering is really the only way you can save thousands of dollars when compared to a paper time sheet solution of the past.

Book in a demonstration and see for yourself

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